Michele Billings

I am pleased to do an attorney review for Jeff Erez at Erez Law. In 2012 we asked Mr. Erez to represent us in a suit against our brokerage to be heard by FINRA. Prior to this we had interviewed other attorneys whom we decided not to use, and upon meeting Mr. Erez we were immediately struck by his professionalism and intelligence and decided to put ourselves in his hands. The experience from beginning to a great positive end was unlike any other we have ever had with other attorneys. Mr. Erez and his team made us feel comfortable and explained every detail of what we needed to do and what we could expect in a professional and experienced manner. At the trial, he was articulate and his innate ability to present the facts clearly and precisely made the opposing attorney and his team look ridiculous (they were from a large, well known firm). As a result of the way Mr. Erez presented himself, we were able to win the case and FINRA awarded a very large amount of money. Mr. Erez is far and above most other attorneys and I would recommend him and his firm to anyone needing his expertise.