Video FAQs

We invite you to watch the following videos to help answer questions you have about securities cases.

Why are disputes with brokerage firms resolved in FINRA arbitration?
What are some misconceptions that investors have about their ability to recover investment losses?
What are some types of structured products and why are they unsuitable for certain investors?
What types of investments are most commonly the subject of investor fraud?
Why do investors blame themselves for being victims of investment abuse?
Why is PIABA an important organization to help protect investors?
Why should an investor hire you to represent them?
What are non traded REITs and why should investors avoid them?
What experience do you have representing investors in disputes?
What legal duties do financial advisors owe their customers regarding investment recommendations?
What are some common ways that brokers misrepresent risks?
Why do you enjoy representing investors in disputes?
What are examples of the types of cases that you’ve seen over the last couple of years?
Is FINRA arbitration fair to investors? What are the pros and cons of FINRA arbitration?