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Investment Fraud Attorneys

Financial advisors encourage investors to believe in them, building relationships with investors and relying on a foundation of trust and confidence to conduct business. Sadly, there will always be brokers who abuse this trust and use the broker-investor relationship to their own ends. Brokers and brokerage firms often claim they act in the best interests of their investors when, in reality, they may convince investors to purchase investments and securities with incomplete, deficient or misleading information or investments that unsuitable, which is to say are not appropriate for their clients.

When broker misconduct or deceit results in investor financial losses, victims need a team of high-quality attorneys they can rely on for representation. There aren’t many such law firms available, however. In the U.S., there are only about 300 law firms who tackle this kind of work, and of those, very few do it full-time. The investment fraud attorneys of Erez Law have the depth, resources and personnel that other investment fraud firms – both large and small – don’t possess. Our firm has the manpower and infrastructure other investment loss firms lack.

Helping You Fight Dishonest Brokers

Erez Law serves investors who have suffered losses at the hands of fraudulent and dishonest brokers from across the U.S. including Puerto Rico and nations across Latin America, like Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. Many people lose their retirement savings and investments without realizing they were working with a bad broker. While stock and bond prices do rise and fall, some losses stem from broker misconduct – not the natural market tide. The experienced investment fraud recovery lawyers at Erez Law can help clients tell the difference between honest and fraudulent losses.

Erez Law understands that investors have worked for years and often decades saving for retirement, children’s education, to support family members, to accumulate wealth, to create a sense of financial security or to leave behind a legacy. Dishonest brokerage firms and brokers can dash those aspirations with just a few bad recommendations or actions. Investors that sustained investment losses may be the victims of brokerage firms and financial advisors that are incompetent or acted intentionally to mislead their customers.

Whether by negligence or investment fraud, brokerage firms and financial advisors that have failed to follow industry standards and applicable rules and laws may be responsible for their customer’s losses. Erez Law specializes in representing investors in cases to recover investment losses when caused by wrongful conduct. Erez Law represents individual investors, retirees, trusts, pension plans, partnerships, family partnerships, family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Jeffrey Erez and his team of licensed investment loss attorneys help investors who have sustained significant stock and bond losses, fund losses, or structured product losses due to bad financial advisors. As a skilled securities fraud and broker misconduct law firm, we can thoroughly investigate your claim and tell you if we believe you have a case. We will help you decipher if a bad broker infringed upon your rights as a trusting investor.

Types of Investment Fraud

Securities firms and the brokers they employ have a duty to only recommend suitable investments. Thus, there are strict regulations that they must follow, from state and federal laws overseen by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), to obligations imposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA). Brokers acting as advisors that are compensated based on the assets they manage are charged with a fiduciary duty. Additionally, some states impose a higher fiduciary duty on brokers. If the firm fails to train or supervise its brokers properly or does not properly investigate securities prior to selling them to clients, they may be held liable for the customer’s investment losses.

If you lost money due to broker fraud or misconduct, your broker recommended unsuitable or inappropriate investments given your circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance, your broker misrepresented the risks of an investment, or your advisor failed to diversify your portfolio properly, you may be able to take legal action. The team at Erez Law have recovered over $150 million dollars on behalf of our clients who have suffered unnecessary losses at the hands of a broker they trusted, and we are prepared to help you. Types of investment fraud cases we have handled include:

You have a right to expect that your investment advisor will act in an ethical and responsible manner, all while striving to meet the obligations required of them according to industry rules, state and federal laws. When the people we entrust with our hard-earned money fail to work on our behalf and instead act on their own self-interests, our belief in the system and our financial futures suffer. That's why the investment fraud lawyers at Erez Law have committed to holding securities firms and brokers accountable for their greedy or irresponsible actions. We do it to protect you, the investor, and to protect others from falling prey to their fraudulent schemes.

Erez Law represents investors on a contingency fee basis. We will not earn a fee unless we are successful in making a recovery for our clients. Clients are responsible for costs. Contingency fee is calculated before deducting costs incurred in the case.

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If you are looking for a law firm you will find it difficult to find one more professional and effective than The Erez Law Firm. I supplied them with the requested information and they done the rest. If I ever need a law firm again I will surely call them.

- Wade Hunter

I called Jeff Erez when I suspected wrongdoing from incredible losses incurred by investments choices made by my bank . I was intimidated to confront a big corporation, but Jeff Erez as an exceptional professional, walked me through every step of the way. He was always available when I had a question, and I had many. I appreciated that even though he has a very professional and friendly staff, he will return all my calls. Thoroughly, honest, careful and efficient in every way, he is detail oriented and strong but above all fair and compassionate. Will recommend his services without hesitation.

- Anonymous

I called Jeff Erez after having very heavy losses with one terrible bond in which I invested following very bad advice and lack of responsibility from the financial advisor of a major brokerage firm. Prior to Jeff another experienced law firm dropped the case. Jeff understood my arguments immediately. We proceded to collect and analyze all supporting data (a lot of it) and Jeff & team prepared a very solid case with very good results. I was quite intimidated to confront a big corporation, but Jeff Erez showed me he had results based in knowledge and experience with similar situations. Jeff is a very effective professional, fast, hard working and focuses in both, the big picture and the details. He was always available to answer my questions and so was his staff. I recommend his services without hesitation.

- Francisco

Mr. Erez expertise allows him to effectively zero in on the core issue of the case, keeping it simple nonetheless providing the maximum benefit for his client. The entire team is sensitive, supportive and available thru out the whole process. We highly recommend Erez Law.

- Ciordia Family

Jeff Erez represented my wife and I in a Finra arbitration case. We were extremely impressed with his knowledge of securities and exchange laws, incredible preparation, and impressive direct and cross examination skills. He was able to secure a favorable judgement from Finra which exceeded our original expectations. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone seeking a successful judgement for a Finra arbitration

- Russell Rupp

In the year 2013, my company WRI Vending Machine Inc. had a large loss of money that had been invested in Puerto Rico government bonds. I understood that this loss was caused by the mismanagement of the brokerage house and its staff. I made my claim to FINRA and recruited the attorney Jeff Erez who had an exceptional performance of which I am a witness and the results show it.

- Waldemar Rivera

Mr. Jeffrey Erez impressed me as an effective communicator, a thoughtful strategist, and an active listener. During the 2-year long case where he represented our family, these qualities consistently stood out and helped strengthen our case, jointly navigate the case complexities, and lead a successful trial.

- The Rodriguez Family

My wife and I had the privilege of being represented by Jeff in a very detailed FINRA arbitration. Jeff was very well prepared and very personable but at the same time very direct in his presentation and direct examination of the facts. In our opinion, he outclassed our opposition and used their own information against them which proved to be a pivotal point in our hearing. When hiring an attorney on a matter that will be litigated it is important to understand his trial personality and directness and how it will play to the panel, judge or jury. It is equally important to understand his personality and directness in dealing with his clients and in our case clients that were inexperienced in a litigation setting. We were very impressed with Jeff’s demeanor in the hearing room as well as his over the top preparedness and knowledge of our case. We were equally impressed with how he lead us personally through an arduous 5 day hearing. He was firm when needed, motivating when needed and strong when we needed to be. The bottom line to any consultant relationship is would you hire Jeff again given the same circumstances. The answer is absolutely a yes which is why I am happy to write this email.

- Don Hausfeld

During the past couple of years, your law firm did an excellent quality work, representing myself and my wife, in the case against UBS. Your interaction and your firm's commitment to the best interest of my claim, was brilliantly carried out, clearly chowing that you had the required expertise needed to bring forth the best achievable final result in the case. My wife and myself are satisfied with the results obtained and want to sincerely thank you for all the efforts you and your law firm placed on this case.

- Agustin Mujica

I am pleased to do an attorney review for Jeff Erez at Erez Law. In 2012 we asked Mr. Erez to represent us in a suit against our brokerage to be heard by FINRA. Prior to this we had interviewed other attorneys whom we decided not to use, and upon meeting Mr. Erez we were immediately struck by his professionalism and intelligence and decided to put ourselves in his hands. The experience from beginning to a great positive end was unlike any other we have ever had with other attorneys. Mr. Erez and his team made us feel comfortable and explained every detail of what we needed to do and what we could expect in a professional and experienced manner. At the trial, he was articulate and his innate ability to present the facts clearly and precisely made the opposing attorney and his team look ridiculous (they were from a large, well known firm). As a result of the way Mr. Erez presented himself, we were able to win the case and FINRA awarded a very large amount of money. Mr. Erez is far and above most other attorneys and I would recommend him and his firm to anyone needing his expertise.

- Michele Billings

I am so happy that everything when so well in the court case. It was clear that you prepare outstanding for the case. I was impressed by your presentation. At that moment it was clear to me that they will have no chance. It was a great experience for me to see you working.

- Jorge L. Cabrera

Your professional ability, creativity, and performance is indeed outstanding. My sincere thank you, to you, Stefan, to Michael, and to Sonia for a job exceptionally well done, and for effectively coordinating the many details and documents of this case. Litigation is a trying manner for all involved, but you all have given me great confidence in the manner in which this case was handled. Thank you again to each and every one of you.1

- Zane Gubman

We couldn’t have asked for a better prepared team and really appreciate your guidance, dedication and countless hours you spent on our case. Regards and heartfelt thanks!

- Alon Shaked

Stock Broker Fraud Attorneys

The savings or retirement funds that you have diligently set aside for the future can be lost in an instant if the broker you trusted to handle your investments fails to meet the suitability obligations, is fraudulent or does not truly have your best interests in mind. You’ve trusted these professionals to properly handle your money, so you have the right to expect they will steer you to smart, sound and suitable investments. If you’ve found misrepresentation, inappropriate investments, theft, or deceit instead, you do not have to watch your financial safety net disappear. Turn to the firm that is singularly committed to helping investors across the United States and the globe recover their losses if they have been the victim of stockbroker fraud.

People are often unaware that they can sue their stockbroker if they have lost money due to their advisor’s misconduct or negligence. We have extensive experience handling stockbroker fraud claims including:

While there are always risks when it comes to investing, we place a large amount of faith in the broker we hire to handle our money and advise us on where to invest it. Not all losses can simply be chalked up to the movement of the market, and when an incompetent or dishonest individual or firm mishandles your money or commits investment fraud, you may wish to sue your financial advisor for their actions.

Did a Financial Advisor’s Misconduct Harm You? Erez Law Can Help

Investors from around the globe come to Erez Law when they need diligent attorneys to level the playing field against the most powerful industry in the world: Wall Street. When a broker fails to live up to his or her professional duties, civil law presents a resolution for victims. Your broker may have put your money in risky investments, ignored your instructions, committed retirement investment fraud, or otherwise abused your trust. If this sounds familiar, you may have the opportunity to get some or all of your money back.

At Erez Law, our investment fraud attorneys are committed to protecting retirees and investors from broker misconduct. We know which legal avenues to take on behalf of our clients. Over the years, we’ve spoken with thousands of people through the world whom brokers and financial advisors have wronged. We’ve helped many clients get some or all of their money back from bad investments and untrustworthy brokers.

Erez Law specializes in broker misconduct, abuse, and malpractice. Unfortunately, more stockbrokers than people realize take advantage of positions of power to trick investors into making poor choices that will ultimately benefit themselves. When this happens, many people blame themselves or are too embarrassed to seek help.

If you believe that you’re the victim of such misconduct, know you aren’t the only one, and you’re not alone. Contact Erez Law to learn your rights in these situations. Most firms don’t have the experience of our team or the necessary size. We’re happy to discuss your situation in detail in a free one-on-one consultation with one of our lead attorneys. Call (888) 840-1571 or contact us online to get started.

Contact Us

If a fraudulent financial advisor harmed you, we may be able to help. Find out if you have a case against your broker by calling Erez Law or filling out our online contact form to get in touch. A compassionate member of our team will return your call and collect more information about your situation. Our consultations are always free, confidential, and protected by attorney-client privilege. Erez Law's investment fraud attorneys give you the answers needed to move on from an encounter with a dishonest stock broker. Contact us today.

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