Changing Your Attorney

When you are dealing with your case to recover investment losses, you need an attorney that you can trust to expertly represent you. If you do not have faith in your lawyer’s judgment, skill, and experience to handle your legal issue or have some reason to question their dedication to your case, then you have the right to change your lawyer.

The truth of the matter is that you deserve an attorney who has your best intentions in mind. If you have grown frustrated with the attorney you initially decided on, do not worry. You are entitled to change your mind and seek legal help elsewhere.

You do NOT have to remain with the lawyer you initially hired.

Although it may seem like a big step, it is essential that you obtain a lawyer who will meet your standards and be invested in your case.

Clients who choose to make the switch may have questions and concerns about their rights as well as what the entire process will entail. If you are seeking to change your attorney and have a concern that is not properly addressed on this page, contact the legal team of Erez Law right now at (888) 840-1571.

When should I change my attorney?

Choosing the right attorney is critical to the success of your lawsuit. Your lawyer will be the voice of your case, and their skills and experience will essentially define the results you obtain. It is not uncommon to realize that the lawyer you initially chose does not meet your standards. Issues may even arise during the claims process that may require you to look for legal aid elsewhere.

Changing your attorney is not something that should cause any more burden than you are already under. The most important thing is that you will find justice in the end with the support of a lawyer who meets your needs and is able to secure the outcome you deserve.

FINRA arbitration is a highly specialized and complex venue. The lawyers at Erez Law exclusively practice in this venue and have the experience, winning strategies, and experience to maximize your opportunity for recovery. There are no do-overs in litigation. Align yourself with the best firm possible for your one chance to recover your investment losses.

How can I change my attorney?

If you plan on securing a different attorney that better fits your needs, always make sure to find a proper replacement before cutting off services with the current lawyer.

It is necessary to sort out your new attorney situation to avoid running into trouble such as missing deadlines during the transition. Make sure to ask plenty of questions and obtain client testimonials before making your decision. You do not want to prematurely fire your current lawyer without a better option at hand.

How much will it cost to change my attorney?

It costs absolutely nothing to change attorneys. Many attorneys operate on a contingency-fee basis. That means that we do not get paid unless you do. After you change lawyers, your new legal representative will handle the paperwork and logistics of the transfer. Fees remain the same whether a single or multiple lawyers have represented your case. If the previous attorney has done work of value, they will also be paid a portion of the contingency fee.

Will switching attorneys hurt or delay my case?

Switching attorneys will not hurt or delay your case. You could cause more harm to your claim by staying with a lawyer who lacks the qualifications to properly litigate your case. However, you should know that time is of the essence when changing attorneys.

Do not wait long to opt for a more qualified and experienced lawyer as this will help to create a much smoother transition. If issues with your previous legal representative do arise, the problem can be resolved through judicial intervention. Please consider that it is better to go through a short transition than to stay stuck in a situation where the attorney cannot fairly represent you.

The Outcome of Changing Attorneys

The attorneys at Erez Law have successfully taken over numerous cases from other lawyers. We have taken over cases pre-suit, in the middle of the case and even on the eve of trial. We have the experience and resources to rapidly identify what needs to be done and execute on bringing the case up to our demanding standards.

The attorneys at Erez Law have successfully represented investors in claims against the biggest brokerages on a regional and national level. We have recovered over $200 million for our clients. Instead of wondering how much better your case could have gone with the right lawyer, change attorneys now to feel confident under our legal care.

We will work hard to provide the necessary reassurance and comfort after you have made the right choice for the better of your case. The outcome of this case can have an impact on you and your family’s well-being and life thereafter. Remember that changing your attorney is ultimately your decision.

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