Utilize Our Expertise – Referring Attorneys

We understand that every law firm has its own unique set of skills and familiarity with certain areas of law where they are most competent. If your client is an investor dealing with financial losses caused by a brokerage firm or other financial entity mismanaging their funds, Erez Law is open to collaborating with you so that the client can receive the quality services they need in this scope of practice.

Our firm represents investors primarily in FINRA arbitrations to recover when they have succumbed to the malpractice of brokerage firms or the incompetence of financial advisors. We have represented clients from all across the nation in bond fraud, mutual fund fraud, hedge fund fraud, preferred shares or stock fraud, Ponzi schemes, private placement fraud, stockbroker fraud, structured products, variable annuity investment fraud, and other types of investment fraud cases within state and federal courts. Erez Law has even successfully served investors with assets in Latin American countries.

Our experience includes successfully representing investors, retirees, trustees, pension plan holders, partnerships, and individuals with a considerable net worth. It takes much skill to prevail over some of these powerful entities, but we are able to successfully litigate claims through thorough preparation and unmatched legal knowledge.

We know how hard retirees and investors have worked to provide themselves with some financial security when they need it most. When brokers and brokerage firms take advantage of these individuals, they can cause a world of hurt that can greatly reduce their quality of life. Our mission is to hold these financial entities accountable when their failure to follow industry standards, rules, and laws has led to losses for investors.

We offer our highest respect to law firms that provide referrals in order to help their client get the best resources in the scope of litigation that concerns their issues. Erez Law believes in transparency and open communication with the law firms we collaborate with. We aim to build a strong foundation with referring attorneys/firms by providing exceptional legal services for their clients. All of our fee agreements are in compliance with Florida Bar Rules 4-1.5(g), 4-5.4(a), 4-5.5, and Florida Ethics Opinions 90-8, 88-10, and 62-3.

If the referring attorney chooses to participate in or remain involved in the handling of the client’s case, we fully support this decision. Or if you decide to only step in during critical junctures, we also encourage this. Erez Law is open to working with your law firm in any other form that you feel would be most effective for you to participate in. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we may discuss the many possible ways that we can support the referred client.

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Our track record of success and history of satisfied clients speaks on our ability to adequately represent investors facing even the largest and most powerful brokerage firms.

If you would like to work with our team on a referral basis, please contact us at (888) 840-1571 to learn more about how we can collaborate with you, as well as to learn more about our fee agreements.