What Does a Securities Lawyer Do?

Choosing the right securities lawyer can have a critical impact on the outcome of your case. Our securities lawyers advocate for defrauded investors, helping hold deceptive brokers and brokerage firms accountable while pursuing the recovery of investor funds. Retaining the services of an experienced securities attorney can help you if you have been a victim of fraud in securities sales or purchases. Erez Law, PLLC provides a free, confidential case review to discuss what transpired and how we can help. Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

How a Nationwide Securities Lawyer Can Help You

At Erez Law, PLLC, we represent investors against brokerage firms in FINRA arbitration cases after they have suffered considerable losses. We have recovered over $200 million in lost investments for our clients around the world.

Our team is knowledgeable about securities laws. Securities law is complex, and the regulations can change without notice. An experienced stock market lawyer monitors changes in regulations and federal or state court decisions that could impact your case. Our legal team has knowledge of these complex regulations and keen insight into the workings of the SEC, which we use to advocate for your position during FINRA arbitrations.

We also represent investors in cases where misconduct or deception is suspected. We can review the communications you had with your broker or adviser to search for any material misrepresentations or deficiencies in suitability assessments. You may have been deceived by your broker, or the brokerage firm may have violated the terms of an agreement you signed in good faith, providing a legal theory that serves as the basis for your recovery.

How We Help Protect Investor Finances

A securities attorney can help if you have been harmed by people or companies that have committed investment fraud. They may seek compensation for you, pursuing recovery of any money or property that you lost through fraud.

Your lawyer may advise you whether you can sue a broker or investment firm that may have defrauded you, represent you in arbitration proceedings, or file other appropriate legal action to help you recover money lost in a fraudulent investment.

Why Hire Erez Law as Your Securities Lawyer?

The Erez Law legal team focuses exclusively on securities fraud cases. This singular focus has allowed us to develop an in-depth knowledge of this complex area of the law and to recover more than $200 million in investor funds. We have a 99% success rate and over 45 years of combined legal experience in this arena. We have tried over 50 cases to award. When you hire our firm, you know you are in capable hands and that we will do everything possible to help you recover your funds.

Our attorneys can deliver aggressive representation in arbitration. While we work many cases in FINRA arbitration, we have experience favorably resolving cases in other types of arbitration, too. You may have a contract that requires binding arbitration for any disputes rather than taking your claim to court. Our attorneys have vast experience in FINRA arbitrations, AAA arbitrations, and JAMS arbitrations. Your securities lawyer can represent you in arbitration and protect your interests.

Over the last two decades, our firm has represented thousands of investors. We thoroughly prepare every case so we know its ins and outs when we arbitrate. Our award-winning trial attorneys have won against some of the biggest brokerages in the country, and we will fight diligently to win in your case, too.

When you have been defrauded by brokerage firms or financial advisors, the last thing you want to do is to lose more money. We respect that, which is why we take our cases on a contingency basis. We are so confident in our ability to secure favorable results that we do all of the work upfront with no promise of getting paid unless we successfully recover compensation on your behalf. We use our considerable resources to advance your case and only get paid if we deliver results. That’s a win-win for you.

Cases We Take On

At Erez Law, PLLC, we focus exclusively on securities fraud cases. We represent investors who have lost money due to brokers or brokerage firms who:

If you suffered considerable losses because of actions like those described above, you may have legal options to recover your lost investments. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and to learn how we can help.

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Do you need personalized representation for securities fraud? Do you need a knowledgeable legal advocate who can protect your financial interests? Erez Law, PLLC securities attorneys can help guide you through complex securities transactions and represent your interests if you have been defrauded. Contact our firm today for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced financial securities attorney.