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State and federal securities laws as well as regulatory agencies provide important protections for investors. However, many people still find themselves the victim of securities fraud. Fraudulent behavior by companies, financial firms, and individual brokers costs people millions of dollars every year. Many victims lose some or all of their savings or retirement money. If you suspect that you have been taken advantage of, a Florida securities fraud attorney can help you fight to get your money back. An attorney can also work to hold the fraud perpetrators accountable and potentially save others from falling victim to their schemes.

For over two decades, the Florida securities fraud attorneys of Erez Law, PLLC, have been standing strong for the rights of individual investors like you. Clients often recommend us to family and friends because:

  • Our firm focuses exclusively on representing people who have suffered financial losses due to securities fraud.
  • Our attorneys have the in-depth knowledge and resources needed to take on the most powerful Wall Street brokerages.
  • Our track record of success for our clients includes more than $200 million in compensation for investment losses.
  • Our attorneys have a 99% success rate in securities and investment fraud cases.
  • We work on a contingency basis, so that you don’t need to worry about paying us until we win financial recovery for you.

If you have incurred suspicious financial losses and suspect fraud, turn to Erez Law, PLLC, for a free initial case review. A Florida securities fraud attorney from our firm can investigate your case, explain your legal rights, and help you demand the justice you deserve.

What Is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud occurs when a party deceptively or recklessly persuades an investor to make a purchase, sale, or other transaction. These suggested actions are typically based on inaccurate, misleading, or outright false information or representations regarding the securities. In many securities fraud cases, the victim loses most or all the value of the investment, in addition to consequential expenses and losses.

The following parties could be responsible for securities fraud:

  • The company or business enterprise that issues the securities
  • Stockbrokers
  • Brokerage firms
  • Investment or financial advisors
  • Other investment professionals

Criminal prosecution can punish those who perpetrate securities fraud. However, a seasoned Florida securities fraud lawyer can also help victims demand compensation for the investment losses they suffered.

Signs That You May Have Been the Victim of Securities Fraud

Although all investments have a risk of loss or failure, these signs should prompt you to speak to a Florida securities fraud attorney:

  • Financial reports and documents don’t make sense to you.
  • Your calls and emails are not being returned.
  • You are assessed tax liabilities for an investment that is purportedly losing value.
  • An investment suffers a steep drop in value in a short period.
  • Material information about an investment is not disclosed in a timely manner or is not disclosed at all.
  • An investment’s quarterly and annual results regularly fail to meet previously announced performance expectations.

An attorney from Erez Law, PLLC, can investigate your situation further to determine whether you have been the victim of securities fraud. If this is the case, you may be able to recover payment for the financial losses you incurred.

How a Florida Securities Fraud Attorney Can Help You

If you have been harmed due to securities fraud, a Florida securities fraud attorney from Erez Law, PLLC, can help you demand financial recovery and justice by:

  • Conducting an investigation of your case to find the evidence needed to prove securities fraud, such as financial records and corporate documents
  • Ascertaining the full extent of the losses you have suffered because of the fraud
  • Filing formal complaints on your behalf with regulators
  • Preparing and filing legal claims for compensation with the perpetrators of the fraud and other liable parties
  • Vigorously pursuing maximum compensation on your behalf

Common Types of Securities Fraud Cases Our Firm Helps With

The Florida securities fraud attorneys of Erez Law, PLLC, have extensive experience handling cases involving:

  • Hedge fund fraud – This is fraud involving private investment funds in which managers invest money pooled from a group of investors who participate in the fund.
  • Junk bond fraud – This refers to debt issued by companies whose credit ratings and financial situation place them at high risk of default. Junk bond fraud can also involve investment funds that specify in trading in junk bonds.
  • Oil and energy investment fraud – This fraud involves the failure to fully disclose the risks of investing in volatile oil and energy products.
  • Ponzi scheme fraud – This is characterized by the fund using money from new investments to pay dividends and distributions to existing investors. Ponzi schemes typically falsely represent that they pursue investment strategies that achieve market-beating returns. The scheme collapses once the fund can no longer obtain sufficient new investment to pay existing investors.
  • Preferred shares of stock fraud – This can occur when investors are misled or lied to about the risk or safety of an investment in a company’s preferred stock.
  • Private placement fraud – This usually involves efforts by startups and emerging companies to raise money in fraudulent ways.
  • Variable annuity investment fraud – Variable annuities provide income streams to investors in the annuity fund, based on the performance of the fund’s investments. Fraud may occur when material details about the fund and its performance are not disclosed.
  • Stockbroker fraud and misconduct – This occurs when brokers give misleading information about funds or otherwise defraud investors.
  • Elder financial fraud – This involves the illegal misuse of a vulnerable senior’s money.
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program fraud – The EB-5 visa allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. by making investments in U.S. businesses that help foster job creation and economic growth. Program participants may be defrauded of their funds, potentially jeopardizing their visa and lawful presence in the county.

What Is the Securities Fraud Statute of Limitations?

Securities fraud statutes of limitations place time limits on how long you have to file a lawsuit seeking financial compensation after an investment loss. Both federal law and state securities law include these time limits. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) also places a time limit on how long investors have to file a securities fraud claim.

Because these time limits can be complex, you should consult a knowledgeable Florida securities fraud lawyer as soon as you suspect a problem with your investments. At Erez Law, PLLC, we will review your case for free and explain your options.

What Are Securities Fraud Attorneys’ Fees?

After you’ve sustained financial losses due to securities fraud, you may worry about whether you can afford to hire a lawyer to help you. That’s why Erez Law, PLLC, represents clients in securities fraud cases on a contingency basis. You do not need to pay us anything upfront in a contingency arrangement. Instead, we are paid only when we secure a financial recovery for you.

Resources for Florida Investors

Investors in Florida who believe they may have been the victim of securities fraud or investment fraud can turn to state and national resources such as:

  • Florida Consumer Protection Division – This state agency investigates and enforces complaints and allegations of violations of Florida’s consumer protection laws by businesses.
  • Florida Division of Securities – This division is tasked with overseeing the securities industry in Florida, including implementing regulations to enforce the state’s securities laws.
  • Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act – This state statute governs the issuance and transaction of securities within Florida.
  • FINRA – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is a private organization that provides self-governance of member financial institutions and brokerages, which agree to follow the rules and regulations published by the organization.
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – This federal agency drafts regulations to implement federal securities laws and enforces those laws and regulations on securities nationwide.

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