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misrepresenting bad investments

With the proper information and advice from a trustworthy investment advisor, a good investment decision can provide life-long security to investors and their loved ones. Unfortunately, a dishonest stock broker can cause us to lose our entire life savings with one bad investment. Dishonest stock brokers put their personal interests ahead of the best interest of an investor and provide misleading information by misrepresenting bad investments. If you believe that you have suffered losses because your stockbroker misrepresented a bad investment to you, call the investment fraud attorneys at Erez Law today for a consultation and case evaluation. Our number is (888) 840-1571.

How Stockbroker Fraud Is Handled

Stockbroker fraud is regulated by complex federal laws, state laws, previous court decisions, and agency rules and regulations. Only an experienced stockbroker fraud lawyer understands the interplay of these complex laws and is capable of applying these laws to recover losses on behalf of victims of stockbroker fraud or investment fraud. If the procedural rules for filing a claim for stockbroker fraud are not followed, the victim runs a risk of having the claim dismissed and being unable to recover the losses caused by stockbroker fraud.

What Type of Lawyer Do I Need?

When choosing a lawyer to file a claim against a stockbroker for misrepresenting bad investments, the lawyer must have extensive experience in handling investment fraud cases because of the complexity of stockbroker fraud and investment fraud laws. Lawyers and law firms that handle multiple types of cases are not as effective as lawyers and law firms that exclusively handle investment fraud cases. Lawyers who only accept representation of investment fraud cases have sufficient knowledge and experience handling investment fraud cases to be able to recover the losses for victims of stockbroker fraud most effectively.

Why Choose Us

Erez Law has exclusively handled investment fraud cases for over 20 years. Erez Law the premier investment fraud and stockbroker fraud law firm representing victims of investment fraud and stockbroker fraud throughout the United States and Latin America. Our team of attorneys experienced in misleading or incomplete information and stockbroker fraud has a 99% success rate recovering the losses of victims investment fraud. Erez Law has the infrastructure that allows our team of lawyers to handle the most complex investment fraud and stockbroker fraud cases. Our firm has battled the large corporations and their seemingly unlimited financial resources, and we have obtained a successful outcome in 99% of the cases the investment fraud cases that we have handled. We have recovered more than $200 Million in losses for victims of investment fraud.

Misrepresenting Bad Investment Claims

At a minimum, an investor has an expectation of fair dealing and truthfulness when dealing with a stockbroker. Stockbrokers are licensed professionals. Their conduct is regulated by FINRA which is the financial industry regulatory authority. In 1934, Congress created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC governs the activities of brokers and brokerage firms. The SEC makes it illegal for a stockbroker to misrepresent an investment to an investor.

Stockbrokers may misrepresent bad investments to investors, and the investor can suffer financial losses, sometimes their entire life savings, because of the bad investment. FINRA rules and the SEC prohibit a broker from misrepresenting a bad investment. The person misrepresenting a bad investment is putting his or her interest before interest of the investor. This is a violation of the duty that a broker owes a client.

Brokerage firms are responsible for overseeing the conduct of the stock broker they employ. Sometimes brokerage firms force their brokers to push bad investments on their clients. Unscrupulous brokers and brokerage firms push bad investments because of greed. They can make money for each transaction. There could be some sort of bias by the broker or brokerage firm in favor of a certain investment. There are multiple reasons why a stockbroker would misrepresent a bad investment, but the misrepresentation of the bad investment is always for the benefit of the stock broker or the brokerage firm. Whether the offender of the stockbroker fraud is the broker or the brokerage firm, federal laws, state laws, and agency regulations and rules hold both entities accountable for misrepresentations of bad investment.

Legal Action You Can Take

A victim of fraud has many remedies to recover the losses incurred because of the misrepresented investment. The victim can arbitrate a claim against the stockbroker or brokerage firm or file a lawsuit in federal or state court to recover the losses. The procedural laws that govern the process of filing a claim for stockbroker fraud are very complicated. However, a competent and experienced investment fraud lawyer can navigate these complex laws to help a victim recover the losses from fraud.

Contact A Broker Fraud Attorney Today

If you have suffered financial losses because of a bad investment that was misrepresented to you by your broker, Erez Law is your best avenue to recover the money you lost. Erez Law exclusively represents victims of investment fraud. Our team of investment fraud attorneys has extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures for investment fraud cases. Our firm has a 99% success rate.

We have successfully represented victims throughout the United States and Latin America for more than 20 years and have recovered more than $200 Million on behalf of investment fraud victims. Call today for a free consultation and case evaluation with a lawyer. The time period to file a claim against a broker is limited. You could miss your opportunity to file a claim against your stockbroker if you don’t act now. Call us toll-free at (888) 840-1571 or fill out a contact form on our site to schedule your consultation.

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