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When you invest your hard-earned money with a brokerage firm or a broker dealer, you expect that your investment will be managed in a responsible manner. Brokerage firms and broker dealers are required to abide by certain laws that govern how they may invest your money, but sometimes those entities manage your investment in an irresponsible or even illegal manner. 

If you suspect a financial advisor or brokerage firm of misconduct or negligence, contact one of our dedicated California investment fraud attorneys at Erez Law, today. We represent individual investors in cases involving securities arbitration and have recovered over $150 million in investment losses for our clients to date. Our law firm is well-versed in the securities industry and California securities law. We also have the knowledge and resources to help you seek compensation for your investment losses. 

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What Defines Securities Fraud in California? 

Securities fraud occurs when a brokerage firm, financial advisor, or other entity misleads an individual to make an investment based on false information, which usually causes the investor to sustain investment losses. When the broker fails to act in your best interests, they commit a breach of fiduciary duty, which can result in severe penalties. 

There is often a perfectly logical explanation for investment losses, since no broker possesses the clairvoyance to predict market trends or conditions all the time. But if you see more losses than is to be expected, or if the losses “feel” wrong, securities fraud is sometimes the cause. 

Whether a broker failed to properly assess your risk tolerance, made unsuitable investments, deliberately misused funds, or committed another type of securities fraud, you have the right to pursue legal action if necessary. If you believe you may be a victim of securities fraud, you should consult with an investment fraud attorney as soon as possible. 

You should also consider reporting allegations of investment fraud to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and FINRA. 

Erez Investment Attorneys Serve California

The investment fraud lawyers at Erez Law, represent investors in all major locations throughout the state of California, including: 

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  • Long Beach 
  • Oakland

At Erez Law, our attorneys have won cases while representing investors against some of the largest, most prominent brokerage firms in existence. If you believe that you have been the victim of securities fraud in California, then you have a right to pursue legal action. Our attorneys will work hard to help you seek compensation for any investment losses you sustained as a result of someone else’s misconduct, negligence, and fraud. 

Types of Investment Fraud Cases

The securities fraud attorneys at Erez Law, handle a variety of investment fraud cases. If you suffered a financial loss due to investment fraud, then it is critical that you reach out to one of our attorneys at your earliest convenience. Some common types of investment fraud cases we take on include: 

Securities Fraud Cases That Affect Californians

Erez Law, has represented investors who suffered financial losses due to fraudulent activity in a number of cases, including those involving: 

Contact an Investment Loss Attorney Serving California

If you suspect that you may have suffered a financial loss due to investment fraud or broker misconduct, then please contact our investment fraud attorneys at Erez Law, today. We have the resources to investigate instances of securities fraud and help you seek compensation for any financial losses you suffered as a result. Call (888) 840-1571 today for a consultation.