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¿Perdió en bonos y fondos de Puerto Rico?

Don Hausfeld

Posted on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 10:45 am    

My wife and I had the privilege of being represented by Jeff in a very detailed FINRA arbitration. Jeff was very well prepared and very personable but at the same time very direct in his presentation and direct examination of the facts. In our opinion, he outclassed our opposition and used their own information against them which proved to be a pivotal point in our hearing. When hiring an attorney on a matter that will be litigated it is important to understand his trial personality and directness and how it will play to the panel, judge or jury. It is equally important to understand his personality and directness in dealing with his clients and in our case clients that were inexperienced in a litigation setting. We were very impressed with Jeff’s demeanor in the hearing room as well as his over the top preparedness and knowledge of our case. We were equally impressed with how he lead us personally through an arduous 5 day hearing. He was firm when needed, motivating when needed and strong when we needed to be.

The bottom line to any consultant relationship is would you hire Jeff again given the same circumstances. The answer is absolutely a yes which is why I am happy to write this email.